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Join our ‘Fragrance of the Month’ club and receive exclusive discounts on Fragrance Lamps and Lamp Fragrance Oil. Introduce and entice new and existing customers to Ashleigh & Burwood’s stunning collection of high quality mosaic Fragrance Lamps and premium Lamp Fragrance at a fantastic discount. Create a refreshed and beautiful display throughout the year with one of the following options to suit your business.

  • Option 1 – 25% of ‘Fragrance of the Month’ fragrance lamps and/or lamp fragrance oil, when you sign up for 12 months.
  • Option 2 – 20% of ‘Fragrance of the Month’ fragrance lamps and/or lamp fragrance oil. Not looking to commit for 12 months? Instead select which 6 months you would like to benefit from the discount.


The discount will be applied to your invoice, allowing you to enjoy the increased sales of an in-store promotion without an impact on your margin.

Each months fragrance lamp and premium lamp fragrance has been specifically selected for the season, with fresh colours and fragrances for Spring and Summer months, moving toward warming, richer scents and tones for the Autumn and festive periods. Please see our Fragrance of the Month calendar for product details. You will receive a display advertising the Fragrance of the Month offers.


Use this form to sign-up immediately. Please complete your details below and send it to us. We shall notify you when the document is received.
Alternatively, contact your Ashleigh & Burwood sales representative or our Customer Operations Team to join "Fragrance of the Month club". Sign up before 26th of the month to receive your 1st delivery the following month.

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  • Standard Terms and Conditions apply.
  • Fragrance of the Month is a rolling agreement in place for a minimum of 12 months, after this time can be terminated by the customer or Ashleigh & Burwood Ltd by giving 1 month’s written notice.
  • Products included in this offer may be subject to change. You will be notified at least 2 months in advance of any change.
  • Stock unit quantities cannot be altered (x18 units for lamps, x36 units for lamp fragrance).
  • Stock cannot be credited or exchanged.
  • Fragrance of the Month agreements are offered subject to credit status.
  • Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer, this supersedes any current terms you may have in place.
  • Fragrance of the Month is designed to increase unit sales through the application of 20%/25% discount for the end consumer. If you choose not to pass this discount to your consumers Ashleigh & Burwood reserve the right to terminate your fragrance of the month agreement and call back any invoiced discount given for the term of the agreement.

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